RENTING: The length of the renting period is your choice, thus you may define the amount of your rental budget. You may stay as long as you want and you only pay for this period. You may also share the villa and also the rent with your friends or you may make available your villa to your own friends and evaluate it in such manner on times that you are not present. You have only to tell us the name and the period of stay of the related persons. One of the most important things for us is your satisfaction. The manager of the site also lives here so he will always be available to you. Furthermore, we handle all general costs (like green fields, pool, water purification plant, maintenance and repair of the villas, security, energy costs of places commonly using) so that you are faced only with the "most minimal details". You can arrive at the tourism centers such as Alanya, Side, Manavgat from our villas within 30 minutes by means of general transport vehicles.

SALES: You may prefer to buy a villa from ATAvilla Club. Our villas have been constructed of ready concrete, using the quality materials, and performing all necessary controls. The concrete quality has been tested by taking the samples used in the construction. Our new villas, as you can see in their photographs, are being maintained periodically. The security of your villa is provided and the site management takes care of your transactions with the institutions such as electricity and telephone companies during the periods when you are not present.